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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Organic Baby Clothing

The Benefits of Organic Baby Clothing

Buying organic baby clothing or eco-friendly clothing for your baby is a great way to introduce your family and newborn a lifestyle of green living. Purchasing your baby organic clothing is another way to protect your little one from known dangers. Eco-friendly cotton clothes usually last longer than those made from regular cotton because of the safer methods used to make the eco-friendly clothing.

One of the main benefits of eco-friendly clothing is that some is made from material that was not grown using pesticides. When released, pesticides can be harmful to the environment. Some eco-friendly clothing just means that it is made from recycled material.

Why Should I Purchase Eco-Friendly Baby Clothing & Products for My Baby:

• Baby’s Skin: A baby’s skin is far more sensitive and porous than the average adults. This means that a baby's skin absorbs things very easily. By using materials that do not contain pesticides and toxins will keep your baby safe from harmful chemicals.

• Organic Clothes Last Longer: You save money when you buy organic baby clothing. Conventionally produced cotton material lasts 10-20 washes before it starts to break down. Organic cotton material lasts for about 100 washes before it begins to wear down.

• Less Energy Used. Eco-friendly baby clothing is also made using less energy than traditional baby clothing, and therefore helps save the environmental energy.

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