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Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Colic

Baby Colic

Baby colic is a condition in which an otherwise healthy baby cries or screams quite frequently for extended periods of times without any apparent reason.

Baby colic typically occurs between the stages of three weeks after birth to three to four months old. It is more common in bottle-fed babies, but also it can also occur in breast-fed babies. Baby colic will typically occur during the same time or during a specific period of the day, often in the early evening.

Having ruled out other causes of crying, a common rule of thumb is to consider a baby "colicky" if he or she cries intensely more than three days a week, for more than three hours, for more than three weeks in a month and typically during the same time each day.

There is no commonly accepted explanation for colic. Since there is no general consensus on the definition of "colic", while no longer universally accepted, traditionally colic was ascribed to abdominal pain resulting from trapped gas in the digestive tract. This theory is not yet discredited, and some recent scientific evidence provides support.

Some doctors claim that it is a combination of a baby's sensitive temperament, the environment, and its immature nervous system that makes him/her cry easily and without control. Others believe that it originates in problems in the baby's digestive system, but as of yet, baby colic is still somewhat of a mystery to many.

If your baby is experiencing colic, here are a few tips to help relieve your baby as well as yourself during this time.

1. Gentle bouncing or rocking typically soothes the baby

2. Use infant gas drops to relieve any trapped gas in babies tummy

3. Offer your baby a pacifiers, the sucking motion is typically a soothing activity

4. Cuddle with your baby, the closeness allows them to feel safe and secure

5. Sing to your baby, a soft tune or lullaby might soothe your baby. The soft sound of a mother’s gentle voice generally brings peace to their baby.

6. Soothe your baby by giving them a nice warm bath and a gentle massage

7. Use a CD of background noises such as the bible on audio, gentle rain or ocean wave sounds. These will bring your baby peace to their spirits.

8. Give your baby some alone time in their crib for about 10 minutes. Keep monitor of baby.

9. The sounds of your baby crying constantly will cause you some stress, so give yourself some private time. Let someone else take over for a while.

10. Remain calm. This too shall pass. Just remember that when a baby to cries, the baby is trying to relate to us that something is wrong. Babies do not cry to annoy us or frustrate us. Do Not Lose Control! Even though we may not be able to discern the exact cause for colic, use this time to get closer to your baby by assuring them that they are safe, protected and very much loved.

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