And A Little Child Shall Lead Them...Isaiah 11:6

Bringing Baby Home Essentials

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bringing Baby Home Checklist

Baby Clothing & Accessories:

7 Infant Gowns
3 Blanket Sleepers
7 Cotton Undershirts
1 Snowsuit for Winter Babies
7 Pair of Baby Socks
7 Receiving Blankets
8 Burp Clothes
7 Bibs

Nursery Needs:

Crib or Bassinette
5 Fitted Crib Sheets
5 Fitted Waterproof Mattress Pads
Crib Bumpers
Crib Mobile
Rocking Chair
Changing Table
*Baby Wipes
*Diaper Pail
*Diaper Rash Ointment
*Baby Cornstarch
*Baby Oil

Breastfeeding Basics:

Disposable or Washable Nursing Pads
Nursing Bras
Nursing Pillow
Nipple Cream

Bottle-Feeding Basics:

7 4-oz. Bottles
7 8-oz. Bottles
Bottle Sterilizer
Bottle Warmer
Pediatrician Recommended Formula

Bath Time Needs:

7 Baby Washcloths
4 Baby Hooded Towels
Baby Tub
Gentle Baby Bath
Baby Shampoo
Baby Lotion
Baby Oil
Baby Scissors/Clippers

Medical Supplies:

Baby Vaseline
A&D Ointment
Cotton Balls
Rubbing Alcohol
Infant Gas Drops
Infant Tylenol
Saline Nose Spray
Baby Thermometer
Bulb Syringe

Car Supplies:

Car Seat
Neck pillow
Diaper Bag

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