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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Choosing A Baby Name

Hey lets face it it’s your child and you have the right to name your little bundle of joy whatever your heart desires. Do not be influenced by in-laws or pestering family members. In this article I will give you a few tips on what you can do when deciding your newborns name.

First thing is first is to take your time. Don’t rush into deciding on a name. Rushing is the worst thing you can possibly do when narrowing down a baby name. Never settle on a name that you are not 100 percent happy with. A name will last and follow your child for a lifetime, so be careful in your selecting.

Believe it or not you do not need a baby name before birth. Some parents actually have waited almost 3 weeks after birth before deciding on that perfect child name. As they begin to bond with their newborn baby, the name just drops in their spirit and it just fits the little one. So, waiting to name your baby may be an option you want to consider.

Consider the actual meaning of your soon to be baby’s name? Some parents don’t really care or even research the meaning of the name. Consider giving your child a name that has a positive meaning. Words have meaning and names are no different. If you name your child some off the wall name that has a negative meaning, that is what you are ultimately calling them everyday. For instance, if you were to name your daughter Joy, consider that every time you call her by name you are calling her exactly what her name means; “Joy”. What a blessing.

My final suggestion is to recite your choices out loud. Yes it may sound a little crazy but it works! Say the first name and even include the middle name and last name and listen to the flow. Some people choose to use a grandmother or grandfather’s name for their baby’s middle name. That is fine also; just make sure it all flows together. Believe me one of your choices will click and stay with you. I hope these tips help you select the right baby name. One more thing, have fun with it!


  1. A new follower! Choosing a name for my daughter was one of the most stressful parts of being pregnant. She didn't have a name until the day we left the hospital. Discovered your blog in Today's Mom Newsletter. Please visit my blog when you the chance and return the favor.

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