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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Royalty Books-The Toddler Cafe Cookbook

Cooking with your children can be not only a learning experience, it can also be fun and interactive.
The benefits of cooking with your child includes:

Cooking  provides quality bonding time with your child

Cooking builds a positive self image in your child

Cooking encourages self-discipline in your child at a young age

Cooking rewards your child for their hard work and diligence

Cooking promotes excellent eye-hand coordination in your child

Cooking cultivates a love of learning

Cooking promotes cooperation with others

Cooking encourages your child's imagination

These children's cookbooks encourage parents to cook, eat and clean up with their children.  Who knows you could be developing a gourmet chef.

The Toddler Cafe 11 Good Books for Young Cooks - iVillage

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