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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Announcing Your Pregnancy

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Sharing The Exciting News

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant it becomes difficult to think of anything else. This results in the woman being anxious to announce the exciting news of her pregnancy with other people, especially her partner. There has been a lot of controversy on the best time to make an announcement about pregnancy. While choosing how and when to make an announcement of pregnancy, it is necessary to take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of your timing while choosing creative ways to reveal the secret.

Sharing News Early

If one shares the news early the main advantage is that there can be a lot of support from family and friends. This is the time when your mother and close friends and family can offer you helpful tips and advice as you go through your pregnancy. The main disadvantage of breaking the news early is that there may be overwhelming advice, both positive and negative. Some pregnant women choose not to share the news until after their first trimester because of fear of a miscarriage. For some women this may be their second or third pregnancy after a previous miscarriage and they would feel more comfortable with waiting for a few weeks or even months until they feel they can carry their baby. A lot of explanation needs to be done in case of miscarriage and the news of a miscarriage may reach friends and other family members before the mother is even ready to talk about it.

Announcement Decisions

It is the decision of the mother to whom else to announce the big news apart from spouse, parents and siblings. One should be careful of whom one tells. Telling you partner should be among the first on your list to announce your pregnancy to. When your spouse is able to share in the joy of your pregnancy, the news brings a sense of belonging and a bond with both you and your unborn child. After telling your spouse, maybe the next group of people you want to share the good news with is both your parents and your spouses parents. Your parents can also assist in future planning, offer advice and rejoice like no other person. Parents love to be called grandparents at some stage in their live.

Choosing the way you share the news of your pregnancy matters a lot. It is fun to share the good news in a more creative and memorable way. Arranging for a romantic dinner is a good way to surprise your spouse and make the news memorable. Even in case of the delicacies baby food can be served or serve baby green peas, baby carrots and very small portions on their plate. Now that will get the attention of any man. Another good way to announce your pregnancy to your spouse is to have a movie night with a line up of baby movies like three men and a baby, Nine Months and Junior. There are so many creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your spouse. Be creative and have fun.

Telling Family and Friends

The good news can be sent in a card with a name chosen and a sonogram. This depends on how close the friends are. The most popular way to announce your pregnancy is by sending out birth announcements. You can use birth announcements to both announce the coming of your baby and you can use birth announcements to tell announce the arrival of your baby. These will most likely include a picture of your baby, date of birth, weight and length of your royal arrival.

However and whenever you decide to announce the good news of your baby’s coming, be led by what you feel in your spirit as to who you tell, how you tell them and when you decide to let your family and friends know. This is one the most exciting and joyous times of your life. Have fun sharing your good news with others.

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