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Friday, April 16, 2010

Choosing The Right Stroller For Your Baby

Choosing The Right Stroller for Your Baby
By: lilmnstr

Choose the right stroller for your baby. When picking out the right stroller for your baby there are many aspects to consider. Number of babies, weight and height accommodation, safety, additional features, price and the list goes on. These are some tips to help you pick the right stroller for you and your baby.

Step 1:

If you're looking for a stroller that needs to accommodate a newborn or infant make sure the stroller is designed for one. This means that it needs to recline all the way back so that the baby is in a lying position not an upright seated position. Many strollers come with adjustable settings so that as the child grows you can place them in an upright seated position. A stroller should state the age range appropriate for its use.

Step 2:

Make sure the stroller you are selecting for your baby not only fits the age of your baby but the weight too. Each stroller has a baby weight limit. A stroller should state the weight limit on the box or tag.

Step 3:

Strollers should have a harness of some sort. Make sure the harness is secure and will keep your baby in the stroller safely. Stability is also a factor of safety. If you plan to put a bag on the handle and the stroller starts to tip over maybe you want to look at one with more storage space. Always check into possible recalls on any stroller you are looking to buy.

Step 4:

If you have or will have another baby in the near future you may want to look at strollers that accommodate multiples. There are some strollers designed for multiple babies of the same age and then there are also some that will accommodate a baby and a toddler or child.

Step 5:

Strollers come with a wide variety of features. One feature is the fold down option. Test this option to make sure you are comfortable with how it folds and just how much space the folded stroller will take up. Test the weight of the stroller and make sure you will not be struggling to get it into the trunk or upstairs on your own.

Step 6:

Some strollers come with a car seat. If you decide to get one of these travel system strollers make sure that the car seat is designed for your child and has all the required safety features. You should test the ease of attaching the car seat to the stroller and how secure the car seat is to the stroller.

Step 7:

Depending on your lifestyle you can opt for a basic stroller that has four wheels and only the front two or you can go for a jogging stroller. Every other level of maneuverability in between is an option too. Test the stroller in the store. Take it up and down aisles and on tight turns. If you struggle with it try another one.

Step 8:

Other features like color, storage space, canopy, adjustable handles, cup holders and such are dependent on your personal wants and needs. Once you find a stroller that meets your needs and wants to the above list then start looking for the ones that have the additional features too.

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